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    Wisconsin Heavily Wooded Land For Sale

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    While the precise origin of Paul Bunyan may not be entirely certain (some historians claim he is from Wisconsin), it is clear that the legend of the lumberjack had, and continues to have, a profound influence on the development and culture of northern Wisconsin. Here, naturally occurring stands of magnificent red and white pine trees attracted the lumber companies in the mid 1800's. The development of railroad lines and steam generated power sawmills saw the lumber and paper industries prosper here in northwestern Wisconsin. While much of the original old world forests were harvested in the 1800's and early 1900's, the subsequent conservation movement has led to a resurgence in the natural beauty and magnificence of these forests.

    Today, Wisconsin, particularly the northern part of the state, is heavily wooded with magnificent forests. The white and red pine trees are not as prevalent as they once were, having been replaced by aspen and other more aggressively growing species of trees. Still, the forests are beautiful and worthy of protection for both environmental and economic reasons. While heavily forested land can be a valuable asset for lumber companies and people looking to develop residential or recreational facilities, it can also be difficult to contend with for folks looking to develop the land in other ways. If you are considering the purchase of a heavily wooded parcel of land in northern Wisconsin, it is essential that you carefully plan your purchase and subsequent development of any heavily wooded land to account for the costs and benefits.

    Below are a few of the many things to think about before embarking on the adventure of buying a wooded piece of property here in northern Wisconsin:

    1. Hire Professionals
    Yes, real estate, legal, surveying, engineering, and accountant professional may be expensive from the outset; however, having the trust advice of such people will be invaluable as you consider your purchase of heavily wood property. Furthermore, their advice may save you a bunch of money and quite a few headaches in the long run, fully justifying the expense of hiring them in the first place. Before doing anything else, make sure you retain a real estate professional to assist you. Check out the team at LandBin.com for trusted, professional real estate assistance in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

    2. Develop Your Plan from the Outset
    Before deciding to invest in heavily wood property in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, make sure you have a clear idea of what you plan to do with the land. Is it an investment that you hope to sell for a profit? If so, who will your ultimate target buyer be? Are the forested areas usable for your intended purpose, or are the environmental or economic considerations that will impact the land's usage?

    3. Calculate Your Costs
    If you intend to develop the land yourself, the difference between a successful project and a disaster can be in the planning and calculation of development costs. Frequently, developers fail to adequately plan for the costs of development, leaving them in a very bad place as the project progresses, faced with unexpected expenses and costs. If you intend to harvest the lumber from the land, what sort of yield prices might you be able to negotiate? If you plan to build a residential or vacation home on the property, what will the costs to clear the area on which you want to build be? Frequently, clearly land can be a costly procedure as it is difficult for crews to access the area you want to have cleared without damaging other parts of the forest. Are existing utility lines such as water, gas, electric, internet and sewage lines accessible from the property? If you are dealing with a piece of densely wooded land, chances are you may be in a more remote area, which will add to the costs of connecting with existing utility services. Estimated development costs must include professional fees, permit costs, zoning changes, building materials, labor costs, taxes and much, much more. Having professionals help you to navigate these issues can be essential to the ultimate success of your project.

    4. Consider your Market
    If you are planning to purchase land to harvest the timber, make sure you will have a buyer for the type of wood you are dealing with. If you are looking to develop such land for industrial or agricultural purposes, what will the costs of transporting your product to your customers be? If you are looking to build a fabulous vacation resort in the Northwoods, how will you attract people to your establishment? If you are building your own dream home here in a stand of beautiful old world forest, how difficult will it be for you and your family to access modern amenities and stores? And will the property be something you can re-sell in the future should you need to? These are all important considerations before making any deal to purchase a parcel of heavily forested land.

    While you may be purchasing heavily wooded property for the purpose investment, development or building a vacation home, there is also the possibility that you are seeking such property for conservation or recreational purposes. If you are an avid conservationist, or a hunter seeking a bit of private hunting land, there is no better spot for such an investment than the woods of northern Wisconsin. Private, remote, majestic and gorgeous, the Northwoods of Wisconsin are an ideal spot to get back in touch with the beauty of nature around us.

    Here in the forests of northern Wisconsin, the intrepid, bold spirit of the Paul Bunyan the lumberjack lives on. Provided you have a solid, well thought out plan, heavily wooded property in northern Wisconsin can be an ideal investment. If you are interested in purchasing such a parcel, why not contact the folks at LandBin.com today to see what is available here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin?

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